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The human approach to building outstanding client relationships in a digitised world

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We could hardly contain our excitement when we saw our book on the shelf in the Birmingham branch of Waterstones.  We couldn't resist a photo opportunity! #Proud #Gratitude #Trusted #FindYourTSpot #Goals

Our Book Launch

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In a world of increasingly digitised interactions we still have a desire to connect on a human level.

Trusted gives clear strategies to authentically build and maintain deep professional relationships in five key areas. The deeper the relationship, the longer it lasts and the greater the profitability of the client engagement.

Trusted is full of inspirational ideas, top tips and insights from our experience of working with world-class organisations. It will show leaders how to focus on the skills that impact on the client experience and the company’s ability to deliver outstanding service. This results in improved profits, employee retention, company growth and a sustained competitive advantage.

The T-Spot model

The model consists of five core areas that need to work in alignment with the culture and values of the organisation.

We know that when all of the elements of the model have been embedded, your people will be great advocates for the business, they will deliver excellent service and they will be trusted by your clients.

As a result of working with our clients we see evidence of the culture being strengthened and the values becoming more meaningful when the model has been implemented.

Mastering our mindset, becoming great communicators, being consistent in our behaviour, developing excellent interactions and having an awareness of the impact of our professional image, will lead us to the ‘T-Spot’ in the centre of the model. This T-Spot represents our ability to build outstanding client relationships. It’s where trusted relationships reside.

Of course, this won’t happen overnight. Creating cultural change takes time.