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November 2017

University College Birmingham - Blog

30th November 2017

Business Rocks Magazine #BizRocks

22nd November 2017

Female First Guest Blog

The Art of Dressing Smart


Lyn Bromley - BBC Breakfast - Dress codes in House of Commons

BBC Breakfast

30th June 2017

Lyn being interviewed by Sean Farrington about the change in dress codes for men in the House of Commons

Lyn Bromley - BBC Breakfast - Interiew Dress

BBC Breakfast

2nd September 2016

Lyn being interviewed by Ben Thompson about image for interview, specifically for investment banking following a news report on people being turned down at interview for not being 'polished' enough.

Lyn Bromley BBC Breakfast - Tattoos at Interview

BBC Breakfast

5th September 2013

Lyn being interviewed by Louise and Charlie about the appropriateness of tattoos at interviews - what are your views?

Lyn Bromley on BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast

29th May 2012

Lyn being interviewed by Steph McGovern about the research that people are hiring prestige cars to go to interviews in order to make the 'right impression'.

The Business Desk

26th January 2011

Inaugural Meeting of Women Solicitors Hailed a Success

Coventry Telegraph

13th June 2011

It's All about First Impressions

First Impressions in China

The Business Desk

28th February 2012

"First Impressions creates the right image in China"

Coventry Telegraph

23rd January 2012

First Impression

Fabulous Magazine

8th April 2012

How to make anything happen