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George Osborne's First Impressions

As George Osborne steps into his new role as Editor of the Evening Standard, I was invited to speak to Adrian Chiles on BBC Radio 5 Live to talk about George making a good first impression.

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Dress Code Debate

A publicity campaign is underway to help employers and their employees understand their rights when it comes to dress code in the work place.

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Meeting and Greeting: Getting It Right Across Cultures

In recent months all eyes have been firmly focused on leaders of the world as we experience change like never before. Every word they say comes under intense scrutiny and while their words and promises may change - and often do - the one thing that is a clear indicator of their composure, poise and confidence in any situation is their body language, in particular their greetings.

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Does your handshake stand the test?

At a recent workshop we ran for senior level mangers we included a brief ice-breaker exercise, something we'd intended to spend a few minutes on at the start of the session.The amount of discussion provoked by this exercise was very interesting. The exercise was simply to shake hands. It’s a brief gesture and a standard introduction in business. It’s something we do all the time, but have you ever stopped to consider what your handshake is saying about you?

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5 Ways to Use Change to Your Advantage

Circumstances which lead to change within an organisation are generally met with an understandable degree of caution. Management have to make difficult decisions and the feelings of uncertainty experienced by staff can take their focus away from their work. Before long, the momentum and morale of your organisation can grind to a halt as everyonetentatively awaits the outcome of decisions which will shape its future.

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8 Steps to Confidently Lead your Organisation Through Change

Change is inevitable. It can lead to times of great opportunity and also to times of great uncertainty. Change within an organisation can be something we initiate ourselves, or it can be completely outside of our control, for example changes in personal circumstances for key members of staff or changes in the wider environment that we have very little control over such as political or legal changes.

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Speaking their language

A couple of weeks ago we shared ‘Words on a Wall’ ‬and discussed how the cultures and values of your organisation, when written boldly on your office wall, can either communicate the very essence of your organisation and everything it stands for, or can simply be a set of words with very little meaning at all.

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Words on a Wall

Words on a wall. Big, bold statements that can underpin everything that your organisation stands for. They can guide you in your decision making, they can influence how valued your members of staff feel, they can set the tone for everything your company does, and just as importantly, how your clients feel when they come into contact with your organisation.

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How to express your leadership presence

Leaders of men and women come in many guises, from successful business people like Richard Branson and Sheryl Sandberg, to spiritual and political leaders like Gandhi or Martin Luther King. One thing effective leaders have in common is presence and by learning how to maximise yours, you will be developing an essential vital non-verbal communication skill that will ensure you look like a leader.

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Leadership: How to Bounce Back

I feel compelled to write about this subject because it is a topic that is coming up time and again with clients I coach, mentees, friends and business associates. According to the dictionary, the definition of bouncing back, or resilience is 'the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.'

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