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Connecting on a human level

Connecting on a human level

We have spent the last two days exhibiting and speaking at Accountex at ExCel. We had planned to do lots of social media, live tweeting, video and photos - but - we didn't do that. Instead, we did what we always do, we connected on a human level. We had great conversations, connected with many lovely people and started, what we hope will be great collaborations.

We spoke in the Future and Development Theatre sponsored by Receiptbank and we were hosted by the lovely Des O'Carroll - VP Partner Success.  We arrived early, we'd already engaged with Alan who was looking after the IT set up earlier that morning and we'd already met up with Darryl who was videoing our session.  We then warmly welcomed our guests, shaking their hand and thanking them for coming along to our session.  Des commented that we were the ONLY speakers to do that and it made such a big difference.  

Guess what?  

When the session started, they were engaged, they leaned forward, they gave us great eye contact, they showed active listening, nodding their agreement, they furiously wrote down notes and they even laughed in all the right places!  We even got questions from the floor afterwards and we were chatting to people outside the theatre for a good hour after our session finished.  Many of the audience visited our stand afterwards too.  


We had spent time building rapport at the start.  We felt connected and so did they.

We delivered one of our core concepts from our book, Trusted;  'Find Your T-Spot: the 5 elements of building trust'. We were delighted that we received some beautiful feedback and this demonstrates elements of our 'T-Spot' model in action:

'it's so great to see someone talking about people'. - We agree - there is a place for product and process of course, but in a service business, the people are THE most important.

'I love your T-Spot model - is that supposed to be tongue-in-cheek? - Yes it is - we also like to have fun and not be too serious!

'I saw your hair from the back, then the red dress and I knew it was you!'  - That shows the power of personal brand right there.

'Your branding is great, so consistent and so well designed'. - Consistency in business is key.  If your branding or your behaviour is too erratic, people won't know how to relate to you and a lack of trust creeps in.

'I love the chemistry the two of you have when you present.' - We understand each other's strengths and communication styles.  We support each other if one of us forgets a name or a piece of research (as I did!).  True teamwork and vulnerable trust. 

'I come to a show like this and feel it has been worthwhile if I leave with one gem.  i have only been here an hour and I have already got several gems from you! - fantastic, we love inspiring people.

I've been to so many stands where people are buried in their laptops or phones.  They don't even look like they want to engage.  It's nice to receive a personal welcome and a handshake. - 'If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they will do business with you.' Zig Ziglar - motivational speaker.

Note - we met lots of lovely, very engaging people on other stands too and we met and spoke to many of the other speakers, helping each other out and supporting each other too

We were lucky enough to meet Paul Dunn, the chairman of B1G1 - if you don't already know about their wonderful philanthropic work, i highly recommend you check them out.  He agrees with our philosophy of creating an outstanding client experience by focusing on what he calls 'the stunning power of small.'  It's the concept that small changes can make a huge difference to client experience.  It often doesn't have to be costly, it just takes some thought, empowerment of team members and a process to follow so that consistency is achieved.  

We loved that several of our friends came to support us at the event.  We didn't think to take photographs with everyone, but we love this one with Julia and Samantha.  Julia even came up with the T-Spot move!

A few questions for you to ponder on:

  • How can you connect with your clients on a more human level?
  • How can you ensure consistency and brand alignment with the three core elements of product, process and people?
  • How can you develop teamwork that encourages great employee engagement and a tangible sense of collaboration and support that your clients can sense?

If we can help you with any of these points, we'd love to chat...until next time.