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Proud Finalists of the Business Book Awards 2018

Proud Finalists of the Business Book Awards 2018

We are still floating on air after 'Trusted' was shortlisted for the 'Judges' Choice' category of what can only be described as the Oscars of the business book world!

We are pictured here with our fabulous book coach and publisher, Alison Jones of Practical Inspiration Publishing.  It was a glittering event arranged by Birmingham based company ThinkFest Events held at Grange City Hotel in London.

We embarked upon our book writing journey on 2nd January 2017 and just 12 short months later, we discovered that we were finalists in the Business Book Awards 2018.#BBA2018  We shared what we learned from the book writing process >>HERE<<

It's a scary thought, putting your work out into the public arena.  Of course, you open yourself up for critique and criticism.  Even the most confident of people report feeling imposter syndrome creeping in and we were no exception.  

It was such an honour and fantastic validation to receive this accolade as new authors, especially when we were pitched against books from prolific authors from large publishing houses.

Alison Jones commented, 'That (Judges' choice) was a particularly fierce category (it included books from all categories that the judges considered of exceptional quality, but outside the strict definition of the category definition). Sadly they didn't take the award itself, but it was a real achievement to reach the shortlist in such prestigious company: congratulations, Lyn and Donna!

[SIDE NOTE: I was particularly proud to be the publisher of a superb business book by two women in a field dominated by men. The judges reflected a roughly equal gender balance, and the judging was focused solely on the quality of the book, with no reference to gender. In the end, of the 36 shortlisted authors 12 were women (several as co-authors), but the final list of winners in each category was exclusively male.'

Lucy McCarraher, founder of the #BBA2018 was similarly mystified and is planning on doing some further research to uncover why more women aren't entering. She would love more women to enter the 2019 awards which will be open for entrants in October 2018. Lucy was the judge for our category and she remarked that Trusted was 'excellent, the problem is, they were all excellent in that category!'

We hadn't even considered that it was rare for women to write a business book.  We just had the idea and got on with it, as is our way!  We now wonder why there are so few women writers of business books.  Is it that the traditional publishing world is skewed to select male authors?  Is it that women need to 'lean in' and get their message out in the world?  We'd love to know your views.  

We are delighted that we opted to work with Alison as our publishing partner, rather than going down the traditional route.  As first time authors, you need to learn about more than just how to write a book.  With her wealth of publishing experience and being both traditionally and self-published herself, Alison was the perfect person to support us.  It meant that when we made the decision to write, we could set our goals and supported by Alison, we knew we could achieve them.  We had complete autonomy to select our title, our cover and the content.  We, of course, took advice and were helped to make an informed choice, but the final decision was always ours.

We'd love to encourage those who think they have a book within them to get it out and on the page.  Only 3% of people who start writing ever actually finish and publish.  We'd particularly love to see more women producing business books that aren't gender specific so that in the 2019 Business Book Awards there might be a more diverse line up of entrants and winners, rather than exclusively white males.

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