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Trusted Book Launch

Trusted Book Launch

On 23rd November, we were very proud to invite our friends, family, valued clients and contacts to the launch of our book, Trusted: The human approach to building outstanding client relationships in a digitised world. In 'Trusted' we introduce you to our T-Spot Model, the 5 elements of building trust.

It was made all the more special as it was hosted at University College Birmingham by the final year students on the culinary arts degree course. We have collaborated with UCB for the last 18 months, helping to educate students on employability skills and building their career resilience, so it was fantastic to see them in action.

We were really blown away by their creativity, attention to detail, wonderful street food and their care of our guests during the evening. One guest commented that he would employ any of the students in a heartbeat; a wonderful recognition of their hard work. They even developed a T-Spot cocktail for us – it was absolutely delicious!

We were privileged to be interviewed by our fabulous publisher Alison Jones of Practical Inspiration Publishing during the launch event.  The hope was to record it live for Alison's podcast - The Extraordinary Business Book Club.  Sadly the sound recording had a glitch, so we re-recorded the audio with Alison the following week.  We were really delighted to be included on the podcast as we had listed to all 91 episodes and we are number 92.  We learned so much from listening as each author, publisher or contributor has something interesting to say about the business of writing business books.  We listened, implemented and refined our writing and our plan for the book as part of our business after listening to the podcasts and we highly recommend them.  In January we'll write another blog to share some of our top tips if you are planning on writing your book in 2018.

Here we are from left to right: Alison Jones, Lyn Bromley, Donna Whitbrook

If you would like to see more about our launch, we have put together all the photos, video and the link to the podcast >>HERE<<

If you have any questions, comments or would like any help from Alison, Donna or I, please do get in touch

If you would like to find out more about Trusted, you can do >>HERE<<