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First Impressions China

Why First Impressions China?

Our first training course held in Hong Kong - November 2011 - far left, FI China Directors Loretta Wong and May Mok.  Centre left, FI Managing Director Lyn Bromley and centre right, Master Trainer Agnes Brown with our trainees.

With the image consulting industry being relatively new, now is an opportune time to start a career in this exciting and rewarding field. Our dedicated trainers will equip you with skills to start your own business and take advantage of this growing market. Now you have the option to attend training in China and become a certified Image Consultant of First Impressions, a leading international image consultancy established in the UK in 1984.

The benefits of training in China are both economical and convenient. You save the costs of airfare, accommodation, associated expenses like daily meals and transportation. By training with First Impressions China, you receive the same high quality training and certification, as in the UK, at your doorstep - saving precious time and money. Why not consider a new career as a professional image consultant and add to your existing portfolio of skills. If you would like advice or explanation on any aspect of training with FI China, please contact us at