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About us

Established in 1984, the business has consistently evolved to meet the needs of our clients and now offers a comprehensive set of disciplines covering all aspects of people development, leadership, culture transformation and world-class service delivery.

First Impressions began as an image consultancy and grew to become a people development organisation that currently spans the UK, Europe and Asia.

We continue to help our clients to manage their personal impact ensuring it is appropriate, consistent and memorable.

We pride ourselves on quickly getting to the heart of business challenges and providing bespoke solutions for our clients. Our work ranges from one-to-one coaching or small group consultations through to presentations, seminars and interactive programmes at all levels within organisations.

In today’s world of work, being competent and doing a really good job is simply not enough. Today we must have the ability to create impact and maximise our personal presence in order to be positively memorable. Being a brand ambassador for our business and being able to engage with others confidently in order to build successful, professional relationships is key to outstanding performance.

Bespoke Solutions

With our years of experience we have come to realise that every organisation is different and although we offer open courses, the benefit often lies in us designing a bespoke solution for you. That way, you can be sure that your needs will be met entirely.

We will be very happy to discuss your requirements.

Please either call us, or drop us an email. Our contact details can be found on the contact us page.

First Impressions offers you a flexible range of services

• Development programmes for staff at all levels

• Integration with leadership development/talent management initiatives

• Graduate training and induction events

• One-to-one coaching for key personnel

• DiSC® Profiling

• Speakers for conferences of any size

• Team events and away-days

• Corporate hospitality events

• Image for interview coaching including a 24-page Guide

• Sales promotion events and incentive programmes

• Well-being/health promotion initiatives

First Impressions has licensed training centres overseas. You can find out more by visiting our partner sites: