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Welcome to First Impressions

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We’re a training company that specialises in people. We help them to build outstanding client relationships and deliver world-class service to your clients.

Businesses benefit by increased sales, better customer service levels and improved client satisfaction.

"Face-to-face over coffee is worth over a thousand tweets."

Mark Weinberger, global CEO, EY

We believe that in a world of increasingly digitised interactions, connecting on a human level is more valuable than ever.

At the heart of our business is our ‘T-Spot Model’ – it consists of five core areas that must align with the organisation’s culture and values.

When all of the model’s elements have been embedded, your people will be great advocates for the business, they will deliver excellent service and they will be trusted by each other, your prospects and your clients.

Can you find your T-Spot?

We love working with clients who have a head for business and a heart for people.

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